My name is Kasia, I’m 20 and I would like to tell You a little about the things I find fascinating.

I was born and grew up in Rybnik, a town in the southern part of Poland. Since 2022 I have studied Iberic Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow- I took this decision considering my main interests: passion for foreign languages and my curiosity about the world.

I decided to create this online space in the beginning of May 2023 when I realized that sharing the things I’m going through in my life might be important and that they might impact the world in a good way.

In my blog posts I will share my thoughts about faith and enthusiasm that comes from Jesus. I firmly believe that being christian does not mean constantly sitting in church and sadly carrying our “crosses”, I think it is just the opposite! I want to show you how God wants to speak to us through many different aspects of our lives, He supports us in our personal growth and He finds great joy in our curiosity and willingness to ask endless questions.

Thanks to many travels I have already done I became more open-minded when it comes to different approaches to faith, spirituality and searching for the meaning of life. Because of that I try to step back from the well-known path of “religiousness”, which is very often perceived negatively among young people.

“To see more” is a blog about realizing that our life is something “more”. I will show You that the key to everlasting joy (that God created us for!) is to get the right perspective in our day-to-day lives and not letting ourselves be influenced by this world’s point of view: that our life is a constant struggle that leads nowhere.

If You want to know which ways I try to achieve calmer and happier life and experience the abundance coming from God’s promises, I invite You to immerse yourself in my website!

Enjoy! 🙂