Hi! It’s great to see You here!

My name is Kasia Mańka and that’s my corner of Internet where I want to write about how I keep finding the sense of life in love, peace and faith in Jesus. I really want to show You that experiencing beauty and joy in day-to-day life is possible and achievable when we follow Him!

I am also interested in the practice of mindfulness, gratitude and I love travelling, so from time to time I’ll add here some of such topics, hoping to gain Your interest. Enjoy!

What is my blog about?

Has been present in my life for many years, though everyday I experience something new. It gives me a sense of profound peace and purpose. My personal relationship with Jesus change the way I perceive my life, putting all elements of it where they fit best.

Mindfulness – a topic gaining more and more popularity. Thanks to this concept I am able to notice clearly what is happening around me, I learn to overcome an ongoing train of thoughts and focus on what is going on here and now.

Have been my passion for some years. I love discovering all the surprises that the world has to offer and getting out of my comfort zone. There is nothing better than perceiving the world from the perspective of people of different nationality through their language, culture, customs and ways of expression.

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