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Look at what you feed on

Today I am sharing with You a topic that completely changed (and still changes) my soul.

I will tell You how discovering a certain truth that deeply affects my everyday choices gave me greater harmony and inner peace. Are You curious what this “magic trick” is? I invite You to read <3

There is a very common opinion that the world we currently live in gives us an infinite number of opportunities – this cannot be denied. From choosing the city or country where we want to live, through various professional development paths, to very personal issues. Each of us now has the opportunity to choose what values, people and content we will follow. A huge part of society spends hours scrolling Instagram or watching videos on YouTube – deceived by the slogan that there are many ways to achieve the desired happiness and peace in life; all You need is to be “more, more and always more”.

In such circumstances, we feel lost, not knowing which truth is the “truest” one. Every new idea gaining global fame makes us dizzy – we are overwhelmed by what is happening around us. Everything fights for our attention, claiming to be the “most important”.

In recent months, a large part of society has been constantly fed with anxiety about the political situation in the part of the world where I live (Eastern Europe). By clicking on all the article headlines and feeding themselves with terrifying news, these people get caught in constant tension and fear.

Equally difficult is the situation of many young people (and not only them) who, seeing happy images of their friends’ lives on social media, begin to lose hope that their own story is equally important and amazing. Every day they compare themselves with what they see (while forgetting that the Internet never shows the full picture of life).

Constantly tangled in a chain of anxiety, dissatisfaction and disappointment, our society begins to live in great anxiety about what tomorrow will bring.

All this hopeless situation of people at the present time comes from one reason: we feed on the words of death. Don’t get me wrong – here I’m explaining my point of view. Personally, I have nothing against social media and sharing life’s happy moments. I use Instagram myself and I love to share important moments with others. I also absolutely understand the desire to be adequately informed about the current world situation. However, I know too many people from my community for whom this constant feeding of depressing content has taken away the joy of life. Another thing that can no longer be hidden: the Internet, with all its advantages, can sometimes be really depressing.

(well, maybe not “me” myself, but inspired by various conversations and sources 😉

Jesus died to give us freedom. He went through everything we face on earth so that we would not have to live in constant affliction.

The best key to getting out of this vicious circle of suffering is to refuse to feed ourselves with information that make us disbelieve that there could still be something good in this world, in our situation, in the way we look at ourselves.

Only light can fight darkness.

Sounds cliché? So let me show You what I mean by this in practice.

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” – Matthew 7: 13-15

I invite You to a short self-reflection:

  • think about it: how much time a day do You spend worrying about things over which You have no control? Where does this come from? What content do You allow to shape Your heart and thoughts? Do they help You become a better person and develop Your relationship with God?
  • If the answer to the last question is “no”, then think about it – Will You make the effort to change Your habits, “sieve” the accounts and content You follow and find other YouTubers, music, Instagram accounts? Will You decide to do this if I assure You that the consequence of this decision will be a completely different life?

Even though the problem of slavery in the world has almost been completely solved, many people live enslaved by fear. Even though we fulfill all biological life functions, many people experience spiritual death. This isn’t real life.

But thanks to Jesus, we have a choice. Every day we have to decide whether the content we feed on will lead us one step closer to death or life and peace. Peace that cannot be disturbed by any situation and whose only true source is Jesus.

Faith, trust, love, peace, hope, joy – these are the words that define what I want to strive for now, disconnecting from the content that kills my soul. And what are Yours?

With love,


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  1. Lena says:

    Hi Kasia,
    Thank you for your inspiring article.
    During the last few years, I have become a news addict – constantly reading online BBC news, TVN news, Polsat news, TVP news… and worrying about – as you mentioned above – all the things I have no control about whatsowever. This made me feeling depressed and helpless. And you are absolutely right – I need to eradicate this unhealthy habit. I am going to limit my daily activity of reading the news to 30 minutes top. And no news reading on weekends!
    Thank you for your help. Keep up the good work.

    1. So amazing! I know it is hard to change our deeply rooted habits but I know it is worth it <3 I'll keep my fingers crossed for You!

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